Best Metal Detectors for Dummies

No-Hassle Secrets For Best Metal Detector Revealed

The remote control, headphones and coil all communicate via radio signal, which eliminates the need for wire connections. If you’re new to detecting, however, skip to the «Entry Level» section. With that out of the way, here’s a list of the best metal detectors by category. If they’ve been using the same detector for years, they may not know about the latest products or technology.

The key is to choose a detector that matches your experience, budget and requirements. Check out my «Metal Detectors for Sale» page for more information. Larger sites such as Amazon also sell a wide range of detectors from major brands. There are a number of specialist stores for metal detectors (both online and offline). If you want to use a machine underwater, however, then you’ll need one that’s fully submersible.

Depth-enhanced Iron Resolution which Garrett claims gives three times the amount of iron resolution in comparison to the ACE 250. This allows deeper searching in good grounds or in areas of high mineralisation if lowered will allow you to stabilise the detector. New Iron Audio feature which allows the user to hear discriminated iron targets and can alter the mid-tone signal range. The one thing I would say is the standard stock coil is not the greatest, so look out for one that comes with a DD coil it makes the world of difference.

Users of this detector profess it to be the best detector ever invented, though, at a little under $8,000, you would expect nothing less. A handy carrying bag is also included to keep the detector protected during travel and storage.

Along with this, the weatherproof coil reaches 7 inches, which isn’t the largest range that you might want, but nonetheless gives you adequate depth for finding something special. This metal detector comes with a host of awesome features that make it stand out above the rest, and makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and veterans. Our top choice for the very, very best metal detector is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker. This is a microprocessor that the metal detector uses to differentiate between junk (like aluminum cans) and more interesting finds like old coins.

Low discrimination means all metal including soil minerals, are picked up. A machine with ground balancing detects what type of ground you’re on, and eliminates the unwanted minerals in response. Using maximum sensitivity means ALL metal signals will ring out, including minerals and trash.

Those models are easy to use without having to do complicated setups. Both are in your budget and will have a good detection below ground. It’s going to be an easy choice for you because you already have experience with minelab explorer 2. When it comes to wet sand and high humidity environment I’ll suggest going with the Minelab ctx 3030 which is waterproof.

Metal detecting is an excellent way to find gold nuggets, but the majority of metal detectors on the market are not designed specifically for nugget hunting, and because of this they generally perform very poorly in the goldfields. If your physical strength isn’t tip-top, or maybe you just have a bad back or shoulders, then getting a metal detector that is lightweight will make your hunting time far more enjoyable. One of the other great things about this metal detector is that the arm support is built for extreme comfort, allowing you or your little one to search for hours at a time without getting tired. The Teknetics Delta 4000 is a higher-end, yet user-friendly metal detector that is perfect for hunting gold, coins, and other types of relics.

The Fisher F75 is our Editor’s Choice for the best metal detector with its combination of sensitivity, discrimination and features. If this something you are already serious about, then take the leap and purchase a feature packed detector that will give you hundreds of hours of great metal detecting time.

Just keep reading, our top 10 reviews will highlight the what stores sell metal detectors. This is undoubtedly an extravagant purchase, recommended for serious gold hunters.

The gold detectors listed below are of good quality and from well-known detector manufacturers. Natural gold is defined as the gold contained in the ground from nature, such as golf nuggets and gold sand.